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Alvin Davis Jr., internationally known tumbling instructor comes to the Powerplant!

It was one amazing day at the Powerplant as we welcomed our new tumbling instructor, Alvin Davis Jr.  Alvin taught beginner to advanced classes full of hard work and fun!  His passion for teaching was evident as many cheerleaders walked away with some new skills and confidence.  Our next clinic with Alvin is scheduled for December 20, 2014.  interested in signing up?  Email us at westshoreshockcheer@gmail.com

The Powerplant offers tumbling classes, clinics, and much more!  Stay tuned to our website for more information. 

Have a team that's looking for practice space?  The Powerplant offers spring floor rentals, email us at westshoreshockcheer@gmail.com.


West Shore Shock Cheerleaders to be featured in Resilite Training Video!

Our very own Shock Cheerleaders will be featured in a Resilite Training Video that will be distributed worldwide.  Resilite Sports Products is one of the leading manufacturers for athletic mats.  This past weekend at the WSYAA Powerplant, Resilite production crew came to film some of our cheerleaders demonstrating how the products are used for skill development.